Welcome to my website. I hope the information here helps you learn about me and assists you in your search for a therapist.

I believe in change, and I believe it happens most often with support. The relationship I have with my clients is collaborative.  Together we find a unique path towards change. An important responsibility to all of my clients is providing a safe space for our work.  Here we can leave judgment at the door, slow down a bit and have time for being curious and see what is there to discover.
Experience has taught me that often the moments of deepest discouragement are rich with the possibility of change. My clients have confirmed many times over the resources and resilience that lie within each of us. I look forward to working with you to discover yours.

Gail E. Gibbons LPC LMFT SEP
(512) 327-6860
2525 Wallingwood Suite 700
Austin, Texas 78746